Barmouth Town Council is limited in the services it can offer where it has the powers to carry out those services.
The powers currently bestowed on the Town & Community Council are as follows:

List of Services the Town Council can perform.

Barmouth Town Council does not have the powers for the following:
To deal with education issues [Local Education Authority – tel. 01286 679467]
To deal with highway issues [Gwynedd Council – 01766 771000 & N Wales Trunk Road Agency – tel.01286 685186]
To deal with housing issues, grants and benefits [Gwynedd Council – tel. 01766 771000]
To set or collect business rates [Gwynedd Council – tel. 01766 771000]
To deal with licenses [Gwynedd Council – tel. 01766 771000]
To make final planning decisions – we are only a statutory consul tee on all planning matters in our area of responsibility [Gwynedd Council – tel. 01766 771000 & Snowdonia Nation Park Authority – 01766 770274]