Gwynedd Council

Gwynedd Council is the governing body for the principal area of Gwynedd.  The present council was formed following the local government reorganisation in Wales in 1996.

Below are a list of links to Gwynedd Council’s website that are related to a variety of subjects and how to report them to Gwynedd Council.

Issues Relating to Waste and Recycling
Gwynedd Council Missed Collections, General Enquiries or Complaints form
Report Fly Tipping
Gwynedd Council Fly Tipping Form
Report Dog Fouling
Gwynedd Council Dog Fouling Form
Issues Relating to Dogs
Gwynedd Council Barking Dogs Page
Issues Relating to Noise
Gwynedd Council Noise Complaints Form
Issues Relating to Street Lighting
Gwynedd Street Light Form
Issues Relating to Potholes
Gwynedd Council Pothole Form
Issues Relating to Broken Pavements
Gwynedd Council Broken Pavements Form
Pest Control
Gwynedd Council Pest Control
Formal Complaint / Praise
Gwynedd Council Formal Complaint/Praise Page
Contact you County Councillor
Gwynedd Council Councillor Contact Form
Social Services Complaints
Gwynedd Council Social Services Complaints Page
Issues Related to Maritime
Gwynedd Council Maritime Information Page
Issues Relating to Planning & Building Control
Gwynedd Council Planning & Building Control Page
Issues Relating to Licensing
Gwynedd Council Licensing Page
Issues Relating to Housing
Gwynedd Council Housing Pages
Issues Relating to Schools & Learning
Gwynedd Council Schools & Learning Page
Issues Relating to Data Protection & Freedom of Information
Gwynedd Council Data Protection & Freedom of Information Pages